Question: Did God really intend everyone to run?

Sri Chinmoy: In God's case, there is no difference between His sleeping and His running. Even while sleeping, He runs the fastest. And when He is sleeping, He knows that He is running. In the case of an ordinary human being, it is different. When you run, then only do you know that you are running. But when you are sleeping, you do not feel that you are running, unless you have wild dreams that you are running faster than the fastest. But God, even when He is sleeping, knows that He is running.

God created two things for the human mind: running and sleeping. You can say that you have already done your share of sleeping. But God says, "Since you have pleased Me by sleeping, now please Me also by running." So God did intend everybody to run. Running means speed, both on the inner plane and the outer plane. God's Poise is speed, God's Peace is speed. How will He go beyond His Goal if there is no speed? If there is no running, how can there be transcendence?