Question: How can I express love and manifest love in the physical world?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to express and manifest divine love in the physical world, you have to use your spiritual will-power. This will-power is not aggressive; it is all surrender. On the strength of your conscious oneness with the Supreme's Will, you will be able to bring forward your spiritual will-power. When it is sanctioned by the Supreme, automatically and spontaneously you will have a way to use your divine will-power to express love for humanity. When you really possess this divine will-power, then even in your unconscious movements your pure love will radiate. Those around you will undoubtedly feel the divine love and get the utmost benefit from your divine presence.

Also, you can express and manifest love in the physical world through your pure meditation. When you are in your deepest meditation try to feel your purest love. Then think of the person that you love. By concentrating on him you can inject your pure divine love into him. By looking at a person with the eyes of your soul, you can manifest love in the physical world.