Part V — Desire

Question: Are we on earth just to desire? Is desire the only necessity?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two reasons why we are on earth: one is to desire and the other is to aspire. We have to begin our journey with desire and we have to end our journey with aspiration. It is not possible to start with aspiration. Each time we take human incarnation we start our journey with desire. When we are young most of us become victims of desire. Later, we see the need for aspiration and we launch into the spiritual life.

What is the difference between desire and aspiration? Desire binds us. We always desire more and more and more. If we have one dollar, we will try to get two dollars. But this expansion is done in ignorance and darkness, so we are ultimately bound by our own desire. Even if we have ten houses we will not have any inner satisfaction. We will be bound by our possessions. But when we aspire we pray for Light, Peace, Bliss and Power. Each prayer is an expansion of our inner freedom. In the world of desire expansion has its limit, but in the world of aspiration there is no limit. From all the divine qualities which we attain, we get freedom in abundant measure.

In human existence we find both desire and aspiration. We cannot put desire on the same footing as aspiration, for they are totally different things. In desire there is always tension, fear and anxiety. We desire something, but at the same time we feel that our desire will not be fulfilled because we are unworthy. But aspiration is a great joy and a great delight. While we are still on earth we have to be aware of what we are striving for, whether it is the expansion of our consciousness or the aggrandisement of our ego. The sleeping human being will desire while the awakened human being will aspire. The necessity for desire will exist on earth as long as we care for the world more than we care for Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.

Desire and aspiration are both operating on earth. But a day will come when the whole world will be transformed. At that time there will be no necessity for either desire or aspiration. There will be nothing but divine manifestation of Heaven here on earth. When we truly aspire with our soul's spontaneous inner urge, we see that in our very aspiration is God's sanction, God's approval and God's fulfilment.