Question: Can impurity be totally removed from my life? No matter how hard I try, it seems to stay with me like a chronic disease.

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life, nothing is incurable. But we have to know how sincere we are in accepting the spiritual life and how intensely we are crying to reach the ultimate Goal. Insincerity is a durable but curable disease. It can last for some time, but when divine Grace descends, it can be cured.

Impurity is also a curable disease, but impurity will last longer in us than insincerity. Even ordinary people who are insincere get some inspiration when they see sincere people around them, and they try to become sincere. They feel that it is shameful to be insincere when their friends or neighbours are all telling the truth. Insincerity can be overcome quickly. But in the case of impurity, it is not so easy. People may practise the spiritual life sincerely for many years, but purity is not an easy thing to achieve. Some people have many spiritual experiences but they lose them immediately. Why? Because they do not have enough purity in spite of the inner depth and height of their experiences.