Question: What can we do during our meditation to transform or to help purify the mind, vital and body?

Sri Chinmoy: To increase the purity of the physical, the vital and the mind during our meditation we should try to feel what purity actually is. If we feel that purity is something liquid, like water, or something weak, elastic, or delicate like a toy, then purity will not increase at all in our physical and our vital. But if we feel that purity is something very powerful, like the strongest man or like an atom bomb, it can create a new life inside us and around us. The atom bomb destroys, but purity has the power of an atom bomb, although in a positive way. Purity can build a strong and solid foundation in our outer life and in our inner life. If we have the feeling that purity is something that will give us a new life, a new world of peace, bliss and dynamic power, then our purity will immediately increase. When we are aware that purity can do much for us, we will value it properly. Then during our meditation purity will enter into us in infinite measure because it will feel that we will give it its proper importance.