Question:_ When people who have never meditated with a spiritual Master before come to a public meditation, what should they do to enter into his consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: First they should feel that the spiritual Master is a sincere man. Then if they can go one step farther, they should feel that he is a saint. A saint is one who has established purity in his entire being. If they have the feeling that he possesses and embodies purity, then the next step for them is to feel the presence of purity within and around them. Finally they should try to enter into the sea of purity which the Master has brought down and which he embodies. Once they see and feel and are eager to enter into the sea of purity, then they get everything; Peace, Light, Bliss and all the divine qualities they are bound to get according to their receptivity. But if there is no purity, if they don't see purity within and without the spiritual Master, then it is impossible for them to receive anything.

Since I am a spiritual man, those who come to meditate with me should come with sincerity and then should feel my simplicity, my sincerity, my purity. These things are on the human level. If somebody feels that I am simple, if somebody feels that I am sincere, if somebody feels that I am pure, then he can receive whatever the Supreme is offering through me.