Question: Can we achieve purity by entering into you?

Sri Chinmoy: That is the easiest, most effective way. That is what I am asking my disciples to do. I am ready to be the eternal garbage collector if you are ready to throw your impure thoughts into me. Some of the girls are afraid or ashamed of throwing their impure thoughts into me. They are embarrassed, but why should they be? I am not the body; I am the soul. I am your spiritual father. I am dealing with the infinite ocean of consciousness. If you throw your impurities into me, I will throw them into the infinite ocean of purity. Throw your impurities into me and not into others. Your spiritual brothers and sisters are also suffering from impurity. If you offer your impure thoughts to somebody else who is already suffering with his own impurity, you are adding to his burden.

The best way to achieve purity is through sincere aspiration and deep meditation. But if you can't meditate well, if you do not have tremendous aspiration, you have to know that there is someone who is like an ocean, into whom you can throw all of your impurities to be swallowed up. If you throw yourself in, all your impurities will be washed away. But by holding your impurities inside you and hiding them, you harm yourself. You have to feel that you are a child. When a child is dirty he is not afraid to tell his mother and father. He knows he is well-protected by their love. It gives him the greatest joy to tell his mother and father because he knows that they will clean him. In terms of age you are adults, but in terms of spirituality you are all children. Please feel that your spiritual father is in front of you.

When I bless some of you people I see that evil thoughts are roaming around in your minds, but you are trying to hide them. You think, "Oh, Guru will catch us!" Guru has caught you before you caught yourself, but Guru is helpless because you are not giving your impurities to him, you are just cherishing them in your mind. If you throw them into me, immediately I will take them away from you.

Never be afraid of me. Who is afraid? He who has deliberately done something wrong. If you don't do anything wrong consciously, why should you be afraid of me? Am I a tyrant? I don't think so. I don't scold you people without any rhyme or reason. So why should you be afraid of me? A child is not afraid of his father. If you have an evil thought or any other kind of impurity, just throw it into me and I am ready to take it. I will not say, "Why are you polluting my consciousness?" No, I will just take and take and take. Inside my body, inside my mind, inside my heart, inside my soul, infinity is roaming and playing.