Hasi Amar Dekhite Giye

Hasi amar dekhite giye
Pelam ami kashta
Bhalo amai karte giye
Haye gelam nashta
Jiban tari shunena hai
Kabhu amar katha
Shanta hate chahi jabe
Dake bachalata
Ar katokal rakhbe mago
Ghor samasya buke
Ei dharanir gehe bujhi
Roina keha sukhe

I wanted to see my happiness.
Alas, instead of seeing my happiness
What I see is all suffering.
I wanted to make myself good.
Alas, instead of making myself good
I see I have totally spoiled myself.
My life-boat, alas, never listens to me.
When I want to remain silent, alas,
Talkativeness and restlessness
Come and torture my earthly existence.
How long, Mother, will you keep me
In problem-worlds?
Do You mean to say that there is
And can be nobody who is happy
Here on earth?