Amar Priya Tumi Prabhu

Amar priya tumi prabhu
Sabar priya tumi
Tabu kena tomar paye
Nahi mora chumi
Mukhe tomai prabhu daki
Prane bhabi ari
Ghor bipade bhaye mari
Taito tomai smari
Jano moder praner garob
Khama tabu karo
Andhar pathe mrittyu ele
Dharo more dharo
Gabhir snehe dharo moder
Hriday tari khani
Abodh mora tumi je ke
Kabhu nahi jani

You are dear to me.
You are dear to everybody else, too.
How is it that
We do not worship Your Feet, kiss Your Feet,
Knowing perfectly well
That we call You our Lord Supreme?
This is but our lip service,
But in the depths of our hearts
We do not take You
Even as a real friend of ours.
You know the poison of our mind,
Yet You are forgiveness-sea.
When death wants to capture us,
We stand in between death and our existence;
Ignorant we are.
No matter what You do for us
We offer You not our gratitude-heart.