Question: If we are running a race in New York and a great runner is running a world record on the other side of the world, does our aspiration or intensity help that other runner?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely, provided that runner is also aspiring and on the same level as you are. It is like two individuals who are in the aspiration-boat together. This boat is so long. An ordinary earthly boat is only six or ten metres long. But your spiritual boat, your Heavenly boat, is very long. That boat can easily span the distance between New York and some other country.

You are in the boat and you are running in New York, while he is running in his own country. You do not have the same capacity as he does. But both of you are aspiring on the same level, with the same intensity. Since you are in the same boat, your capacity, your intensity, will enter into him and he will be able to go faster.