Question: Is there a proper way to start any project?

Sri Chinmoy: Always start a project with inner happiness and feel that this project is not yours; it belongs to the Supreme. It is very important to remember this when you are asked to do something on your own. Otherwise, in order to glorify yourself or to prove that you are the best person to do that job, you will kill yourself to succeed. With your ego you will do it because you want to surpass others.

There is another way of thinking. Feel that the Supreme has entrusted you with this golden opportunity to embark on a new project. This opportunity you will try to manifest into reality with utmost humility, devotion and feeling of oneness with the Supreme. That is the divine attitude.

Right now some people have the attitude that they have been given a project because they have the capacity. They want to defeat others and glorify themselves. It is all ‘I’ and ‘mine’. But you have to change this attitude. Try to feel that out of His infinite Compassion, the Supreme has given you the capacity and the opportunity to do something for Him. And you will do it soulfully and devotedly. But start with happiness. Always we have to start with happiness.