Question: Did you choose us to become your disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: Usually it is said that a few are chosen for the spiritual life and the rest join it by some miracle. In my case, I say it is the other way round. The fact is that there are so many groups, so many Masters, why is somebody inclined to follow my path? True, he may be making a mistake, but the fact is that he is not choosing some other group; he is choosing me. So even if I do not choose you, you are choosing me. Then the question comes, why are you choosing me? It is because you see something in me, that is why you are choosing me. Let us say I am a flower and I am also the fragrance of that flower. I gave you something. I gave you the beauty of the flower to appreciate and the fragrance of the flower to enjoy. You may say, “No, it is because I saw the beauty in the flower that I enjoyed the fragrance.” Either way is fine. If I want to take the credit, then I chose you because I gave you the fragrance; if you want to take the credit, then you chose me because you saw the beauty. So it is mutual.