Question: I am always so disappointed when promising seekers leave our path.

Sri Chinmoy: You should not be disappointed, because you have done your duty. Your duty is to offer them the aspiration that you have received from this path. Then it is their choice whether or not to believe in you. You have played your role. You have received a mango from me. You have tasted the mango and you have discovered that it is so delicious, but some other person, without tasting it, may say that it is not delicious at all. As soon as that person sees the mango, they do not feel any joy.

But somebody else is holding another fruit; so that person goes there and tastes the second fruit. Do not be disappointed. You are not that individual who is not appreciating the mango. If you have offered them the mango most soulfully and devotedly, then you have played your role most satisfactorily. You should be disappointed only if you have not done it soulfully, devotedly and sincerely. If that person is now interested in somebody else’s fruit, why should you be disappointed?

Our goal is not to take countless people to the Destination; our goal is to take only those who are meant for us. There are many, many people who are not meant for this path. Again, there are many who are meant for this path. Unfortunately, you have not been able to approach them. But I have never said that the whole world should follow this path, far from it. Why should there be only one boat? There can be many boats and many boatmen but the Destination is the same. The only thing is that our boat still has plenty of room to house many, many more seekers.

So if you are not successful today, do not be disappointed. Try some other day or go to some other place and try. But if you are disappointed, it will affect your subtle nerves, your spiritual nerves. Then tomorrow, when the time comes for you to give another course on our philosophy, you may not get any inspiration.

Remain cheerful and try, try again. If nobody comes to your course, it is not your fault. I know there are many, many, many seekers who are not meant for our path. Again, we cannot always say that for each and every person the Hour has not yet struck. That is a wonderful explanation, but there is a way to expedite God’s Hour. If you want to expedite God’s Hour, those who are awakened should be more self-giving, more willing to devote themselves to this path.