Question: Should we repeat one particular prayer, or can we repeat many different prayers?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on you. If you want to have one particular desire fulfilled, it is better to have one prayer. If you want water, if that is your prayer, you have to dig at a certain place. Today if you dig here and tomorrow you go there and the day after tomorrow you go somewhere else, you will not get water. You have to dig at one place. Like that, if you have one desire, then continue with the same prayer.

If you want to have two or three desires fulfilled at the same time, you cannot maintain the same intensity in each prayer. On an everyday basis, if you have three desires to fulfil, you will not have the same eagerness and intensity in all three prayers. So the best thing is to have one desire. Then, when that desire is fulfilled, you can take up another desire. True, you may have three or four desires, but one desire has to be fulfilled first. Then pray to God to fulfil your second desire.

Otherwise, in the morning if you ask God for one thing, in the afternoon another thing, and in the evening a third thing, then there will be no intensity on your part. There is a great possibility that not even one desire will be fulfilled. So it is better to wait and deal with one at a time.