Question: I wanted to ask if you have any dreams when you are resting.

Sri Chinmoy: I do not have dreams. I used to have many dreams, but since becoming fully conscious of what I am, I never have ordinary dreams; I have visions. Even when I sleep, they come to me as visions. Once you come to a certain stage, dreams no longer occur.

To give you an example: let us say that during the night, some Indian gods and goddesses come and bless me. If I see them, I will not take them as dreams because I will be able to converse with them, I will be able to commune with them on their own level.

Usually, when human beings have a dream, they see it, they watch it. But there is a great difference between having a dream, enjoying the dream, and becoming one with it. You and the dream are two totally different things. You, as an individual, are one thing, and the dream is something else.

In my case, when I see someone, at that time I have the capacity to identify myself with that person. Even if it is an object, like the moon, I can identify myself with it. So I cannot call it a dream because at that time the communication problem is gone. Normally, when you have a dream, you are the enjoyer and the dream is something separate. In my case, I can become both the enjoyer and the enjoyment all together.

You may have a wonderful dream that tomorrow you will become the most perfect disciple. Then, as soon as day breaks, problems and worries descend on you and that sweet dream goes away. Again, during the night you may have a nightmare attack. When day comes, the nightmare has gone away, but the suffering and fear still remain.

Some dreams can be very sweet and encouraging. Again, some dreams can be very discouraging. When you have an encouraging dream, give value to it, take it seriously. And when it is discouraging, just throw it out of your system. That is called wisdom. Anything that helps you, take it as your very own, and anything that does not help you, why do you have to keep it? You stay with your friends. Do you stay with your enemies? No. So, as soon as a good dream comes, cherish it. When a bad dream comes, discard it, discard it. Do not think of it in the morning. You do not need it at all.