Question: Should your disciples only try to see and meditate on the Supreme inside you?

Sri Chinmoy: Because I am a little more advanced than you, I can see my Beloved Supreme inside each and every one of you. Sri Ramakrishna used to tell Vivekananda, “I am seeing in you God Himself. I can talk to Him face to face.” Was he a liar of the first water? Never! This was his authentic inner experience.

You can do the same. First try to imagine the Supreme inside me. Then you can try to feel His Presence inside me. The same Supreme is in you as well, but for you to feel the Presence of the Supreme inside yourself is infinitely, infinitely more difficult than for you to imagine or feel His Presence inside your Guru. It is much easier for you to find and get the Supreme in me. So on the strength of your imagination and inspiration, please try to feel the Supreme inside me first. Then only will you be able to see and feel it inside yourself. At that time the game will be complete.