Part VII

SCA 400-401. Questions answered on 28 December 1994.

Question: Did you have any inner experience when you arrived in Myanmar?

Sri Chinmoy: I have been to many, many countries, and the soul of each country has offered me tremendous affection, love, appreciation, admiration and even adoration. But from the soul of Burma I got a new experience. Around 4:30 this morning, the soul came up to me with such affection and began scolding. She said, "Why did you not come to visit me at least fifteen years ago? What was wrong with you?" Such a powerful, emotional scolding she gave me, but it was full of affection! Like an aunt she was talking to me: "How many times you visited India, but not even once did you visit your aunt!" No other country ever has scolded me, but this one has really blessed me with her most affectionate emotional feelings.