Question: Are there different angels connected with animals as opposed to human beings?

Sri Chinmoy: Angels deal mostly with human beings. Very, very rarely do angels deal with animals. Even when angels come to human beings, they are afraid that these human beings may misuse their compassion, affection and concern. To come down to the human level and see if human beings are a little receptive — that much angels will be able to do. But they are afraid of the animal kingdom. Some animals are really receptive — they are so adorable. But in general the animal kingdom has so much hostility.

Human beings also have hostility, but they may hide it. If I am angry with someone, he may not be able to see it. But if a dog is angry with someone, no matter how many people are there, the dog will just bite. Animals cannot hide their nature, while human beings can. Human beings express their hostility secretly, while animals do it openly. So angels very rarely deal with the animal kingdom. Even when angels want to bring light to human beings, they are afraid of being grabbed and strangled.