Question: Do angels ever fight directly with the hostile forces or do they just help people?

Sri Chinmoy: Sometimes they fight directly with the hostile forces, and sometimes they help human beings to fight the hostile forces. When they help human beings to fight against the hostile forces, it is like one country that is richer helping another country. Right now America is infinitely richer than Russia. So America will give financial help to the Russian government to fight against hunger and poverty.

But if you take hunger and poverty as undivine forces, then you can also try to fight them directly with material wealth, food, clothes and so on. You will not go through another government or agency. You will go directly with all your wealth to fight against those undivine forces. Hunger is not an undivine force as such, but lack of food does take away our joy. Anything that is taking away our joy is a hostile force.

When they have more love for certain human beings, angels will fight against the hostile forces directly instead of giving those individuals the necessary inner strength. It depends on how much love an angel has for a particular person. The head of one government may give a million dollars to the head of another government whose citizens are suffering and say, “Now use it. We will not give any more.” But if it is that person’s wife or daughter who is suffering, no matter how many millions of dollars it takes, he will give everything to cure his daughter. He will fight directly against his daughter’s disease.