Question: Sometimes if I have a wrong feeling, I have trouble offering it to you. I sometimes keep things inside instead of offering them to you.

Sri Chinmoy: Why? Just because you cherish and treasure that wrong feeling? Or are you so sympathetic to me that you say, "Oh, how can I give it to him? It will hurt him"? I have told you many times that I am the garbage collector. If you have dirty, filthy things in your house, what do you do? You throw them in the garbage. Here also, with your bad thoughts, you can do the same. My universal consciousness will be able to take whatever wrong thought you throw into it. To feel that these things will hurt me is stupidity. Perhaps you are afraid: "What will Guru think? He will think that I am so bad!" If you are hiding something, it is because you feel you will be exposed. I am begging you to give to me everything — good or bad. If it is a good thought, then I will keep it inside my heart-safe. If it is a bad thought, immediately I will throw it into the universal consciousness.