Question: Sometimes when I am trying to approach important people, there is a wall of resistance. Is there anything we can do inwardly to remove these obstacles?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you need the power of tenacity. You have to stick to it. There are some who never accept failure. Even if it takes ten years or twelve years, they will not give up. In your case, you lose intensity, eagerness, willingness and readiness after some time. So that is not good.

Then, when you approach important people, you have to fully prepare yourself inwardly. You have to be armed with aspiration. Prayer and meditation are of paramount importance before you approach someone. In the inner world you have to create a bridge between yourself and the person you are going to approach. You have to feel that you are going to him and he is coming to you.

Sometimes you are overconfident. Again, you should not be hesitant or timid. Some people are even afraid of success. They are crying for success, but when they imagine the success, they feel that it will be something beyond their control. For weeks and months and years they are aiming at something and then, when success is looming large, the enormity of the success frightens them and they give up. I have seen so many cases. Even before they have completed their task, they make a comparison: “If I do this, then I am sure somebody else will surpass me.” They have not yet reached their own goal and they are thinking that somebody will take away their glory by doing something greater! Do not allow this kind of stupidity to enter into your mind when you are about to do something.