Question: Is there any question you cannot answer?

Sri Chinmoy: If I use my mind, there will be millions of questions that I cannot answer. But if I use my oneness-heart with the Absolute Supreme, there will be no question that I will not be able to answer, if it has to do with spirituality. Thousands of times I have answered questions, believe me, and when I heard it on the tape or read it in the book, I could not believe that it was I who had said it. Or after I have answered a question, when everything is all done and my physical mind gets the message of the answer that I have given, I cannot believe that I have answered that question. When I try to understand the question afterwards, I cannot understand it. It has happened to me once or twice that I have answered a question one hundred per cent correctly; but if I use my mind in order to know what the question is, I do not even understand the question. So how many times I have answered questions most correctly on the strength of my heart’s oneness with God’s Will. My heart immediately becomes one with God’s Will. Many times it has happened that before the question is even formulated, just when the person opens his mouth, the question has already come to me. You are standing with the question and you have completed two or three words, but your question has already come to me and the answer has already come to me. Then you go on, go on, using so many words; but it is all unnecessary. When you open your mouth, the question and the answer both have come together, and I am just waiting for you to complete your question.