Question: Why is it that some religions do not mention reincarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: Some religions say, “Our Father is in Heaven. He is there and we are here, in hell.” So naturally they try to go to Heaven, where He is. And then, once they are there, they say, “Oh, He is our Beloved. Are we such fools that we will come back to earth? Who needs reincarnation?”

But if we know that He is in Heaven and also here on earth, then naturally we will come back. Wherever we are, God, poor fellow, is also there; He is bound to be with us. If we are on the ground floor, in the basement, He is also there. And also when we are on the top floor, in the attic, He is with us. So if you accept God’s Universality, then you know that reincarnation is absolutely real. But if you accept only God the Transcendental Height, then you will only stay with Him upstairs. You shall not come back. When people say that God is only in Heaven, it creates a problem. But if we say He is both in Heaven and on earth, then this problem doesn’t arise.