Question: How do you meditate?6

Sri Chinmoy: Before you meditate, you should begin with concentration. In this way your meditation will be easier. Since you are a disciple of mine, you will get a picture of me in my highest Transcendental Consciousness. And then after a few months, if you stay in our Centre, I will give you a special pin to concentrate on. In our New York Centre and other Centres, all disciples without exception look at this pin and concentrate on it. When they concentrate on the pin, they feel that their whole inner attention is entering into my highest consciousness. All their attention is focused on my pin. They have just entered it and they are there, transfixed.

Then, after concentration, you will begin your meditation. This meditation I shall tell you about is only for the disciples; it is not for others. You will look at that pin and then do one of two things, whichever you feel is best. You are concentrating on this pin and you have become totally one with my consciousness. Now, as a disciple, you will try to enter into me totally, with your body, vital, mind, heart and soul. Your whole existence will enter into me, like a river entering into the sea. This is one way. Or you will make yourself totally empty and allow me to enter into you. These are the two ways. Suppose you are meditating today and you are not afraid of me. While you are looking at me, you enter into me. Tomorrow, if you are a little afraid, allow me to enter into you. Do whichever is easier for you. If you want to enter into me, you are most welcome. My heart’s door is wide open. But if you are afraid of entering into me, if you feel that you will be totally lost, then feel you will keep your heart’s door open and allow me to enter into you. At that time, whatever you need, I will bring to you. If you need joy, I will come into you with joy. If you need delight, I will come into you with delight. If you are not afraid of me, then enter into me. Once there you can drink Peace, Light and Bliss; you can swim in my inner ocean of Light and Delight. But if you are afraid of me, then I will come into you according to your receptivity. If you have kept your heart’s door open this much, I will be in it; if you have opened it this much, I will be in it. It is up to you.

SPO 21-31. Question and answers following the talk Two God-Instruments.