Question: Is meditation a dialogue between the mind of man and God?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it is a kind of dialogue, but the only thing is that this dialogue does not take place on the mental plane. In profound meditation, the Absolute Supreme tells the seeker what to do. But when it is prayer, the seeker asks the Supreme what he should do. When you pray soulfully, your aspiration goes up high, higher, highest and you ask the Supreme Father what He wants you to do. When you are meditating, you remain where you are but, like a magnet, you pull the Eternal Pilot, the Supreme, and He comes and tells you what He wants you to do.

So this dialogue goes on, but it is not on the mental plane. It is done on the inner plane, the soul’s plane; and this talk that we have, the conversation or communion, is done with the help of inner Light. The conversation goes on between the Light that you have and you are and the Light that the Eternal Pilot, the Supreme, has and is. It is a conversation, a communion of Light, inner Light. Each individual has inner Light and this inner Light is constantly trying to bring down the infinite Light from above. The infinite Light is the Supreme.