Question: When you bring down certain qualities such as Peace, Light, Bliss and Power, do you bring down certain measured amounts or do you just bring down until we stop receiving?

Sri Chinmoy: We don’t measure it in that way. It is like turning on the faucet; it comes in a very fast and endless flow. It is not that I bring down some large measured quantity and then you receive according to your capacity, no. It comes in profuse measure. Then, when I enter into an individual, he receives according to his receptivity. Sometimes the individual receives according to the collective aspiration of the group with which he is meditating. So one time the individual receives according to the power of his aspiration and receptivity; another time, in a collective way, Peace, Light and Bliss are received as a unit.

Very often we see that more Light, more Peace, can enter into the disciple if he has opened up his inner door. Then what happens? The Light and Peace do not go back; they enter and remain inside him. When I bring these things down, nothing goes back. You take as much as you can and the remainder stays with us in the atmosphere.

This reminds me of an incident. The last time we went to Puerto Rico, as one of the disciples came out of her garage, she asked, “Guru, will you kindly close the garage door?” So I pulled the garage door down. She then said to me, “I was asking you to close my outer door, but I am praying to you to open my inner door.” The outer door is the door of the senses. The sooner the disciples can close the outer door — which creates fear, doubt and anxiety when it is open — the more quickly and easily they can open the inner door, through which we get Peace, Light, Bliss and Power. So I wish all of you to give your Guru the chance to close your outer door and open your inner door. If I can do it with your conscious approval, then I shall be most proud of you.