Question: What if a disciple loses desire?

Sri Chinmoy: That is very good. If he loses desire, naturally he is ready for the spiritual life. But there are many people in Indian villages who get up every morning and go to the fields. They plow the fields, then go home and lead a most ordinary life. They are satisfied. They don’t increase their desires but they don’t have any higher aspiration either. They do not have as many desires as we cultured people have. They don’t dare to desire because they feel that it is useless; their desires won’t be fulfilled. So if you lose desire, it is very good in the spiritual life, but losing desire does not mean that you will aspire. Let us say I do not want to be a millionaire because I have failed in my attempt to become one. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to church and praying to God for Peace, Light and Bliss. I have lost my desire, true. But I have not aspired to pray to God to give me Peace, Light and Bliss.