Question: How can we have inner sincerity and outer dedication?

Sri Chinmoy: Only by mixing and being in the company of spiritual people. Each spiritual person, if he is sincere, is a tremendous inspiration to the rest of the world. So if you have fear or doubt, although there are many ways to remove them, you can easily look for another spiritual person. If that person does not have fear, just talk to him; if the person does not have doubt, talk to him. At that time you gain the strength that he has. A seeker, a sincere seeker, is more than ready to give you his strength and faith.

When doubt appears, if it is not overcome and then on the strength of your doubt you start mixing with people who have left the spiritual path, you yourself will be overcome by doubt. Try to mix with people who have not left the boat. They will lift you up and inspire you, whereas those who have left will say, "I have another boat. Come, come with me."