Who is called? Who is not called? He who needs is called. He who does not need is not called. Who needs? The seeker-lover in us needs. Who fulfils our need? The Beloved Supreme, the eternal Liberator, fulfils our need and responds to our inner cry.

What does the seeker in us need? He needs God-Truth, God-Light and God Delight. God-Truth awakens him, God-Light illumines him and God-Delight fulfils him. God-Truth he hears. God-Light he sees. God-Delight he feels.

There are two worlds: the desire-world and the aspiration-world. In the desire-world our supreme choices are division and self-assertion. In the aspiration-world, our supreme choices are God-discovery and self-mastery. A sincere seeker, in the process of discovering and uncovering, realises his birthless and deathless inseparable oneness with his Source.

The seeker in us constantly needs God's boundless Compassion-Rain and God's Satisfaction-Reign. God the Beloved Supreme constantly needs from the seeker in us our aspiration-plane and dedication-train.

He who chooses the Absolute Supreme has already been chosen by the infinite and unconditional Bounty of the Supreme. The seeker's soul, the seeker's heart and the seeker's very existence on earth, have already been chosen by the Absolute Supreme to be his faithful, devoted and unconditional instruments for His divine Manifestation.

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