Pure is our aspiration-plant. Purer is our dedication-flower. Purest is our gratitude-heart. Sweet is our soulful smile. Sweeter is our inner cry. Sweetest is our gratitude-heart. Gratitude is pure happiness. Happiness is sure perfection. Perfection is complete satisfaction both in man's world and in God's world.

Our gratitude-heart ceaselessly receives blessingful love, soulful concern and fruitful oneness from above. Our gratitude-heart feels that its very existence on earth is an unconditional act of God's Grace. Our gratitude-heart knows that its acts are for God and for God alone.

In this world we are apt not to value anything or anyone, but our gratitude-heart always values everything in God's creation. It values God the Creator and God the creation. It values God's Compassion and it values God the Compassion. It also values God's Justice-Light and God the Justice-Light, for it knows that God, our Beloved Supreme, is always the Author of all Good.

Our gratitude-heart never fails God. It carries with it flaming aspiration, the burning inner cry and a constant self-giving reality. At every moment God pleases our gratitude-heart with His boundless Concern, Compassion and all-loving Oneness.

We aspire for the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal. The seeker in us constantly is trying to transcend himself on the strength of his aspiration-cry and dedication-smile. Our seeker-heart's experience-life, realisation-life and God-fulfilling manifestation-life are clearly read in the Face of our Beloved Supreme. Our own autobiography is clearly read in God's own Face. We offer Him our gratitude-heart and He gives us His constant Assurance that He has chosen us to be His choice instruments, Him to fulfil in His own Way here on earth and there in Heaven.

WNY 9. SUNY at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY — 18 March 1978, 2:00 p.m.