The seeker1

Here we are all seekers. A seeker is he who most of the time lives in the inner world. In the inner world the seeker has quite a few friends and quite a few enemies. Doubt and fear are his worst enemies. Faith and courage are his best friends.

Fear usually lives in the vital. Doubt usually lives in the mind. Faith lives in the heart and courage lives in the soul.

We fear precisely because we live in the division-world. We doubt because we fail to live in the oneness-world.

Faith and courage. A seeker needs faith both in God and himself. If he does not have faith in God, he cannot manifest the divinity that he has within. And if he has no faith in himself, then he will not be able to discover the divinity that he embodies. So it is of paramount importance for him to have faith both in himself and in God.

An ordinary man has faith in himself, but this faith is not the faith of a seeker. The faith of an ordinary man we call a disproportionate ego. A seeker has faith. His faith is founded upon his humility, his purity, his divinity and his oneness with the Will of his Beloved Supreme.

The seeker has to travel a long and arduous road, but when his inner being is inundated with indomitable courage, his journey’s goal does not remain a far cry. His very courage expedites his journey.

The body-consciousness or physical consciousness at times lives in the vital — the insecure, impure and aggressive vital. At other times it lives in the doubting, suspicious, sophisticated and ultra-modern mind. Again, the physical consciousness at times lives in the heart, which is flooded with poise, peace and light. On very rare occasions the physical consciousness or body-consciousness lives in the soul. There it discovers, to its wide surprise, the soul’s capacity: the indomitable courage and adamantine Will of the Supreme that the soul embodies. The Absolute Supreme acts through the soul’s adamantine will.

A seeker is he who constantly tries to keep the body-consciousness inside the soul’s divine reality; for the soul is inundated all the time with inspiration, aspiration and realisation, and the seeker knows that this is what he needs. When the seeker’s human reality enters into the soul’s divinity and lives there for some time, it achieves divine qualities and divine capacities in abundant measure. The world of frustration and failure it leaves far behind. Only in the world of success and progress, the world of ever-transcending beauty and perfection, does it live. And eventually it grows into Infinity’s Love, Eternity’s Bliss and Immortality’s Life.

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