Do I believe in miracles?1

Do I believe in miracles? Yes, I do. Do I want to see miracles performed in my own life? Yes, I do. Every day I wish to get up at six o’clock in the morning and pray to God and meditate on God. If I can do this, it will be the first miracle in my life.

The second miracle I want to see in my life is this: for ten fleeting seconds every day I shall offer my gratitude heart to my Beloved Supreme. The third miracle I want is to be able to pray without any expectation. I shall pray for peace, love and light from my Beloved Supreme, but if He does not fulfil my prayer, I shall not mind. I shall continue to pray so that I can become a good instrument, for I feel that by practising prayer I can become a good instrument of my Beloved Supreme.

There is still another miracle which I want to see performed in my own life. When I meditate, it is my most sincere wish not to allow any thought whatsoever to enter into my mind. I wish to make my mind calm, quiet and tranquil during my meditation. During my meditation, in silence I shall sing the song of victory, and this song I shall dedicate to my Inner Pilot. During my meditation I shall observe only one thing: is my surrender to the Will of the Supreme increasing or decreasing? I shall try to increase my surrender at every moment during my meditation. I shall meditate for vastness in my outer nature and perfection in my inner nature. I shall try to meditate for at least half an hour without intermission, soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally. At the end of my meditation I shall again offer my gratitude-heart to my Beloved Supreme for ten fleeting seconds, for out of His infinite Bounty He has enabled me to perform the first miracle: to get up early in the morning and put an end to my lethargy and ignorance sleep.

During the day I shall try my best to chant, deep in the inmost recesses of my heart, a small but soulful, meaningful and fruitful message: “God for God’s sake.” Spirituality is for the sake of spirituality. Realisation is for the sake of realisation. Oneness is for the sake of oneness. Spirituality means God for God’s sake. The inner cry means God for God’s sake. Perfection in nature means God for God’s sake. When the seeker soulfully cries out, “God for God’s sake,” Infinity, Eternity and Immortality become not vague terms but absolute realities which blossom slowly, steadily and unerringly in his heart.

From now on, I shall love my Lord for my Lord’s sake; Him I shall please in His own Way. In silence I shall utter, “God for God’s sake.” If I can do all this, then I shall be a performer of a number of miracles in my own life.

  1. WNY 34. Alfred University, Alfred, NY — 23 April 1978, 3:30 p.m.