To become like Hanuman1

Sri Chinmoy: We think of Hanuman and meditate on Hanuman. Next to him, all the dear, dearer, dearest disciples of all the spiritual Masters and Avatars will badly and sadly fail. Now let us meditate on our own faith — our faith in our Master, our faith in the Lord Supreme and His faith in us.

When the disciple loses faith in the Master, what happens? It is the spiritual death of the disciple. In exactly the same way, when the Master loses faith in the disciple, it is the Master’s death. Outwardly I will not be able to explain it to you, but when you dive deep within, you will see that what I am saying is absolutely true.

The race is for the brave. The race is for the swift. If you are brave, you will be swift in the inner world; and if you are swift in the inner world, you will be brave in the outer world. I do hope — I hope against hope — that in this incarnation some Hanuman-like disciples will come into my life or, among the ones that I already have, some can grow into my best disciples. And I do hope that all the messages that I have offered over the years, here, there and everywhere, will be manifested even during my lifetime. Otherwise, when I am gone, physically gone, either slowly and steadily my disciples all over the world will manifest my light, or some new souls from Heaven will descend to expedite the manifestation of my divine and supreme promises that I have offered to the world.

  1. YBG 21-24. Sri Chinmoy gave this talk and answered questions about Hanuman, the great devotee of Sri Ramachandra, on 11 March 1990 at Progress-Promise in Jamaica, New York