Question: How can we be more like Hanuman?

Sri Chinmoy: That question is very ancient. Instead of asking, "How can I become like Hanuman?" just say, "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!" Then say, "I have done it, I have done it, I have done it!" In the mind or in the inner world, anywhere, on any plane of your consciousness-physical, vital, mental, psychic or spiritual — on any plane if you feel that you cannot accomplish something, just say, "I can do it, I have done it! I can do it, I have done it!"

It is a matter of faith. Faith and surrender go together. If you have faith, then you can have unconditional surrender. If there is anything that you cannot do or cannot become in your life, no matter how difficult it is, just say, "I can do it, I have done it!" You are not fooling yourself. When you say this, you can establish your faith. On the one hand, it is extremely difficult; on the other hand, it is extremely easy.

If you have a problem, and for years you have been unable to conquer that problem, simply say, "No, I can do it." Next you can say, "I have done it." If you have implicit faith in your Master, sleepless and breathless faith, then say, "I can do it and I have done it!"

It is only a matter of changing direction. You know that there are two directions. There is something called forward march and something called backward march. If you are marching backward because you feel that is easier, then I will say, "Go forward, march forward! Who is preventing you from marching forward? Again, who is begging you to march backward?"

Each time you lose faith, each time you lose a divine quality, you have to feel that you are marching backward. And each time you regain your good quality, you are going forward. No matter how many days, how many months or how many years you have marched backward by not listening to your Inner Pilot or your Master or your own soul or your inner being, start again at this moment and say, "The past is dust." That is our philosophy. Just say, "The past is dust. If the past has not given me this Hanuman-type faith, if the past has not given me unconditional surrender, then let me have it in the present, so that I can carry it into the future all my life."

Again, always say, "I can do it and I have done it!" Anything that is wrong, undivine, just forget. Avoid it, avoid it. And if there is anything good that you want to achieve, immediately say, "I can do it." No matter how many times you have failed, even countless times, tell yourself that you can do it and you have done it. As soon as you say you have done it, on the inner plane you have already done it. Then in the outer world you have also accomplished it, because the inner world has come forward. You have sown the seed. Then you will see the plant and the tree.