Question: Many Heads of State have spoken to you about peace, but in their hearts have they really received the message?

Sri Chinmoy: In their heart of hearts they have definitely received the message of peace, but in their outer lives it may not necessarily be taking place. Every leader is sincere in his heart, but in his mind — because of political pressure or some other pressure, or because of the country or because of forces that want to stand against him and prevent him from becoming a good person or a man of peace — it is a different story. In the inner world, all political leaders have a heart, and this heart is always pure. It is the peace-loving heart that we all have.

But when some leaders are in the political world, very often they just repeat certain words. They are talking, but they may not mean it. If they live in the depths of their hearts, what they say, they mean. But when they are in their minds, at times it is not real; it may even be all false. We have to know when a political leader, as a human being, is talking from inside his heart and when he is talking from inside his mind. If he is talking from inside his mind, then unfortunately, it may be all false and deceptive. But if he is talking from inside his heart, then what he says will be absolutely genuine.