Question: I have been living for one and a half years in Japan. I listen to the lectures about spirituality without understanding them because the lectures are in Japanese. Is it possible for me to understand what is being said beyond the language?1

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely! You do not have to understand; it is a matter of feeling. I do not know Western music, for example. I know Indian music, but when Western music is being played by Western musicians, I do appreciate it. Music is the universal language. In exactly the same way, spirituality is also taught in silence in the inner world. The mind does not operate, and the mind does not have to understand what is being said. As long as the heart can feel something beautiful and soulful, it is enough.

  1. YBG 44-51. Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions from spiritual seekers in Tokyo on 14 March 1992