Question: I feel that I am drawn towards something which I do not know. It is something unknown. I am attracted to something, but I am not sure what it is.

Sri Chinmoy: If it is meditation that you are attracted to, then you have to take it as fragrance. You come to the garden and you see a flower. Inside the flower is a fragrance. But first you have to go to the garden, because you feel that the garden will give you joy. Then, when you see a flower, the flower gives you more joy. And when you discover that the flower has fragrance, you are getting the utmost joy.

But suppose you enter into a forest. Immediately you get frightened. Then you go deep into the forest and you hear the noise of a tiger. When you go deeper still, all of a sudden the tiger is right in front of you, ready to devour you.

In life you have to see what is attracting you, whether it is something positive or something destructive. If you enter into a beautiful garden, it is so good for your inner life. The flowers are so beautiful. But if you enter into the forest of attachments, then you will see all undivine qualities, negative qualities. You will see them right in front of you, quarrelling, fighting and strangling each other. They are like a tiger that is ready to devour you.