Question: Besides reading your writings, are there other things that will help the seekers?

Sri Chinmoy: It will help if you read my writings, and also if you listen to my music. My songs will help you. Then you can come to the courses given by my students. They give talks and they also answer questions, according to their capacity. After doing this, if you feel inspired to follow our path, you can join. But otherwise, just to get inspiration, if you read my books and listen to my music and go to where my students give classes, in general it will help you.

Let us say you go to a swimming pool. You are getting inspiration from watching the people who are swimming there. Then you may say, "I am getting inspiration, but I do not want to swim in this particular swimming pool. I would like to go and swim in some other pool." Again, you may say, "This swimming pool is giving me so much joy. I do not have to go to another swimming pool."

If you want to follow our path, you can try. Or, with inspiration, you can try somebody else's path.