Question: I read that Sri Ramakrishna, just by his touch, was able to send some of his disciples into trance and ecstasy. How was it possible?1

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the receptivity of the disciple. Yesterday an eighty-year-old Russian lady came to see me from Brooklyn. If you had looked into her eyes, you would have melted. Such ecstasy! Once in twenty years I see that kind of thing. Her eyes were drinking in my divinity’s beauty — not my physical beauty, but my divine beauty. I was so moved. An eighty-year-old lady! Jagattarini brought her. She was drinking, drinking my divinity. Is that not trance? I was only praying that she would not fall on me, or fall down. On the one hand, I was giving and giving to her; but on the other hand, I was so worried that I was giving her more than she could receive. Luckily, she did not fall on me and she did not fall down.

Immediately this old lady saw who I was. She was taking such light from my divinity. Did I put my hand on her? No, there was no contact. Without touching her I was able to do it. And I was so proud of her, this eighty-year-old lady. Just yesterday it happened. The pictures will show that she was literally in divine ecstasy.

Question: Guru, that was the third time she tried to come and see you. She got lost the first two times. Yesterday she left home at eight in the morning and she arrived at one o’clock. She came on the subway alone, and she does not speak any English at all.

Sri Chinmoy: From Brooklyn she came, and from eight o’clock to one o’clock she took to come here!

Question: A few years ago you were saying that the Vedic Seers meditated for years to achieve a certain consciousness, and now that consciousness is available for humanity.

Sri Chinmoy: Parents take years to build a house. Their children are so much more advanced that they can do it in a month. Sri Aurobindo attained in three days what his Guru had taken years to realise.

Sri Ramakrishna said that when an Avatar comes, the Avatar is the udder. If you press the right place, you get milk. Do you get milk if you press the leg or the head or the ear of the cow? The udder is the right place. You press it and you get milk. Avatars are like that.

I give, but how many people take what I give? I give through the eyes. Some receive, some do not receive. I was so moved yesterday, so moved by that old lady and so proud that she was able to receive so much from me.

  1. YBG 52. Sri Chinmoy answered this questions in New York on 1 May 1995