Rahiyacha Ati Kache

Rahiyacha ati kache
Bhabi dure bahu dure
Supta e hiya mor
Jage taba banshi sure
Tumi nai bale jara
Chhale shudhu nija prane
Sanpi jena hiya mor
Tomarai jaya gane

You are near, very near,
Nearer than the nearest,
Yet it seems to me
That You are far, very far,
Farther than the farthest.
Lo and behold,
Today my heart’s door is wide open.
My heart is fully awake
To the soul-stirring music of Your Flute.
Those who say that You do not exist
Are only deceiving themselves.
I wish to offer my surrender-life
At every moment to You, to You alone.