Pope John Paul II: God’s Heart-Prize winner

First published by Agni Press in 2002. Published on srichinmoylibrary.com with the permission of Sri Chinmoy. This is the 1426th book written by Sri Chinmoy after he came to the West in 1964.

Table of Contents

An unparalleled spiritual sovereign of the 20th Century — my most blessed meetings with Pope Paul VI

God's Heart-Prize Winner — my poems dedicated to Pope John Paul II

In the Holy Father's blessingful presence — my five treasured audiences with Pope John Paul II

"Fearless in Unshakeable Hope"

My song-offerings to Pope John Paul II

My heart's ceaseless gratitude-tears — my humble letters to the Holy Father (extracts)

Prayerful concerts around the world — a special celebration of the Holy Father's 76th birthday

Selected comments from those who attended the prayerful musical performances given by my students around the globe

Inside the Heart-Garden of the Catholic Church — My meetings with luminaries of the Pope's worldwide family

"I adore the Father's Son"